“Peter has been my teenage daughter’s therapist for the past two years. When she began seeing him, she was severely depressed, suffering from acute anxiety, and often reluctant to communicate on a meaningful level. Peter, however, persisted with her and—via a great deal of kindness, empathy, patience, insight, experience, commitment, humor, and therapeutic skill—he has helped her to not only identify her emotional/psychological problems, but also own and learn how to deal with them. Always a consumate professional, he has come to be regarded by my daughter as both an advisor and a trusted friend—the individual she turns to when troubled by a personal issue that she doesn’t feel can be discussed with anyone else. Today, thanks in large part to Peter’s efforts, she is a very different person to the deeply traumatized adolescent who first saw him back in 2013; a true night-and-day transformation that, while ongoing, confirms he is a credit to his profession.”

– Adolescent Dad

Peter Baker has been our son’s therapist for 1.5 years.  Our son experienced an intense, sudden onset of depression and it scared us. When he disclosed how despondent he was feeling, I called around and spoke with a few therapists. Peter was compassionate, concerned and fit him in quickly.  He has such a good rapport with our son that our quiet son is often talkative on the way home from their appointments. Because of the impact Peter has made on him, our son continues to see Peter, despite being out-of-network.  Peter taught mindfulness to our family and it helps with relaxation.  At the end of each session, Peter brings in me or my husband, whoever drove him to the office. Peter maintains our son’s privacy but we discuss what our son is comfortable sharing including any strategy he wants to try.  We highly recommend Peter, especially for teenagers.

– Grateful Mom of a Teenage Boy

Peter has been my daughter’s therapist for the last 2 years. My daughter – now 17 has benefited and progressed throughout her therapy. We have found Peter to be professional, personable and caring. He has been available throughout personal crises and has always been proactive in communicating safety concerns. Over the past 2 years he has mediated several important family meetings. Peter’s communication skills are outstanding, his care and concern for his patient are foremost.

– Adolescent Mom

My adolescent daughter has been treated by nearly a dozen therapists in her many years struggling with multiple mental health issues, but we had not yet met her (and anyone’s) IDEAL therapist until we met Peter Baker. He works hard to connect and gain trust slowly and sincerely in order to understand his clients and their families as much as possible, offering compassion, empathy, gentle guidance, including gut-checks and reminders about personal responsibility and choice when needed. He has helped her envision her life as the healthy, capable, dynamic and wonderfully unique individual that she is, reinforcing her value, assisting her own buy-in to her self-worth.  My daughter has matured tremendously while under his incredible care, as he has been responsive within and well beyond his already rigorous work schedule. He is in high demand for well-earned reasons. I am filled with gratitude for his sharing his skills and talents with our entire family.

– Adolescent Mom