I believe that a trusting relationship between the therapist and client is the catalyst for positive change.  I cultivate this trust by making every effort to engage clients by first getting to know them and their needs.  I believe that for change to occur clients need to trust that their therapist is trustworthy, sincere, and supportive.

My strengths based therapeutic approach is eclectic in nature, but primarily focuses on cognitive behavioral and humanistic approaches.  My counseling style focuses on key issues that present themselves in client’s lives in the form of unhealthy themes and patterns.   My goal is to help clients identify these patterns and refocus their energy on exploring and learning healthier ways of coping.  I work hard to help my clients understand the relationship between their thoughts, feelings, and behavior.

In my work with children and adolescents, I actively try to enter the young person’s world by getting to know what interests them. This can involve play therapy, playing games, or talking about sports or social media. This allows a supportive, safe, and honest environment where clients feel comfortable and empowered to have the courage to make positive changes.  To help facilitate this process, I teach a range of coping skills, mindfulness meditation, critical thinking thru self reflection, and utilize praise and positivity to help clients gain more self confidence and self awareness.